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When you get BreastFast, you get more than just a package of the best breast augmentation supplements ever, you also get our 100% Quality Guarantee. JPT Industries stands behind our products and that includes every package sent to you. If you are ever unhappy for any reason, simply contact us and let us know what we can do to earn your approval. Your satisfaction is what matters most!
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Certified Lab Testing Report Synopsis:

Having fully tested BreastFast in our state of the art facility, I am now prepared to put my name behind the product as well. On a molecular level, I can now certify that every ingredient found in BreastFast is 100% natural without any synthetic residue or harsh chemical compounds. After comparing the sample we lab tested against the enclosed ingredient list I have found that the product is 99.994% pure. Given the nature of the organic compounds used to produce BreastFast and the obvious attention to detail necessary to achieve such an impressive level of purity, it is not surprising that so many women have experienced excellent results.

Additional Findings Summary:

The statistical reports submitted from your most recent rounds of clinical trials have also been analyzed by our Biochemistry Statisticians. We have independently confirmed the stated results and determined your claims that "91% of women who try BreastFast report a visible increase in size within the first 3 weeks and 97% report gaining at least one full cup size within 3 months" are in fact accurate. The median gain in bust size is 2.3 inches during the recommended trial period of 180 days. These results are supported by both our own statistical models and the extensive affidavits of proof submitted directly by respondents from the most recent studies.

Dr. Mary Fahey.
PHD in Human Molecular Biology

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