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    We have been asked to disclose our full ingredient list to health organizations and regulatory agencies in many countries. In those instances we have supplied a full and complete detail of every ingredient in BreastFast. However, as you might be aware already, there is a very large number of 'scams' on the internet and companies seeking to make 'cheap knockoff' versions of our products. Their poor facsimiles do not work and in some cases can actually be dangerous to your health. In our continuing attempt to preserve the health of our clients, we do not disclose the full formula of BreastFast so that we can prevent unscrupulous manufacturers or vendors from attempting to misuse it.

    You can be completely assured that every ingredient in BreastFast is a natural organically grown plant element. We make use of our state of the art facilities, processing tons of the best quality organic flora as we extract critical components for our products and blend them using proprietary methods that ensure they are bottled with the maximum amount of efficacy and shipped to you while they are fresh and ready for your use.

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    Yes, absolutely. BreastFast is the first part of a complete and healthy lifestyle. Eating nutritious foods, avoiding processed foods like high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated fats will improve your overall health and also reduce the amount of harmful toxins that your body needs to filter for you to have the best results with BreastFast. Also, getting at least 8 hours per day of uninterrupted sleep while reducing your stress levels and gaining better peace of mind is valuable for many reasons. The peak performance of BreastFast is just one of those reasons. Larger healthy breasts are just one of the many benefits of living the BreastFast lifestyle!

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    One of the major drawbacks of breast augmentation surgery is a common reduction in sensitivity because of the way breast implants affect the delicate nerves and sensory function of your breasts. With BreastFast you can get the same great results and avoid any of the surgical damage simply by adding a dietary supplement to your daily nutrition. Some women have also reported an increase in sensitivity as the skin and nerve fibers associated with the nipple are rejuvenated by the holistic approach. Softer, more supple and more sensitive breasts without any side effects - that's what BreastFast can do for you!

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    The effects of BreastFast are metabolic, so the exact impact and duration depends on your own unique body chemistry. Most women have reported significant gain in size within 3 weeks. The duration of those gains depends on many factors including your nutrition, rest, continuing use of BreastFast and stress levels. The most common approach is a once per day supplement until you achieve the results you are seeking and then a tapering once per week maintenance amount afterward. We offer BreastFast in several different package sizes so that you can select the one that is right for you each time you place a new order.

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